Is Perfectionism Holding You Back From The Rest Of Your Life?

Is perfectionism controling your life? Are you putting too many demands on yourself, and feeling let down when things do not go as planned. ARe you feeling like life is a dress rehearsal? What are you rehearsing?If you want to let go of these heavy demands on your life and ready to live more authentically, then PM me. I can get you the same results I get my clients. Let's connect. Let's let 2019 be the year of change! Watch the video here. Contact me here: Brenda Pearce is known at the Empowered Nurse. She is a loving mom, contributing author, TV Show Producer/Host of Oxford Empowered TV.

Thank You For My Toxic Workplace

I truly thank my toxic work environment for giving me the courage to move on to creating my business. Thank you. I had to become sick and tired of physical, emotional stress, to take charge and take care of my life. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired... Reach out and lets connect. brenda.pearce.908/videos/ 10155746409720264/ I truly, from the bottom of my heart, want to thank the many toxic workplaces I have endured during my 35 years of nursing.   This may seem sarcastic, but it is the truth.   If it wasn't for what I didn't want to endure, I stepped more into what I wanted to experience in my life, and whom I wanted to be. I know that for many of us who are in a toxic workplace, it is a breeding place of discontent in our own lives, magnified in many ways..  When we identify ourselves by our work, we are inviting it into our relationships, our inner being, and permeates into the world around us.  If you are working in an env

Bliss Is... Those Magical Moments In Nature

Yesterday, I did a little video tour of the perfect little space in nature...   Right on the trail behind my mailbox. Take a magical walk with me... Look for amazing ways of connecting with nature.   They are all around us, and sometimes where we least expect to find them.   The connecting with nature can fill your soul with bliss, and help to release those endorphins we so need.  We have a basic need to bond with nature.   The sensorial gift of calm through the sounds, sights and tactile experiences will transform your day. A simple walk with your precious pooch is also a way of slowing down.  Taking the road less travelled. If and when we can immerse ourself in the beauty of nature in all of its changes, we connect to the many miracles that are in life all around us.  Take time to take the road less travelled, and see how magic can happen in your day as it unfolds. Brenda Pearce is the Empowered Nurse.  She triages body-mind-spirit through media that matters.   H

The Breath of Thankfulness

This post is all about thankfulness.  Many times we are being forced to be grateful and thankful and we may not be truly and authentically feeling it.  As we live day to day doing the things that get us from point A to the finish line of the day, we get caught up in the actions of the day.  The human-doing-ness of the day. From the moment the alarm clock wakes us up, our feet hit the floor.   But...  take a moment and a breath between the shrill of the alarm and the feet hitting the floor to take a moment to say thanks.  That split second decision will frame your day.  You will remember that calmness, and it will reflect in how you look at the day. If you miss that moment, don't despair.  At any moment in the day, you can reset, and reframe the day.  No one says that you can't change your outcomes.  You can, just like changing your clothese 5 times before truly deciding on how you will present yourself to the world.....  business savvy, dressy casual, schleppy to take th

Welcome to Ageless Blissings Blog

Welcome to a coming home to you.   Ageless Blissings is about re-discovering the true essence of who we are.  Living life to the fullest, by rediscovering who we are.  When the time comes to be stripped bare of the human doings and become the human being we were brought here to be.  At any stage and any age. As a nurse of several decades it is clear that the time has come when we face the reality of who we really are.  When we come face to face with ourself.  We we can no longer cloud our days with mundane tasks.  When the house is empty, and we are truly alone as relationships end, careers cease or change, when friendships disolve and when the busy ness of life slows and mellows.  We truly turn within to rediscover the age old question of "Who Am I".    Reigniting our spark, our inner essence, reconnecting with our inner child.  Looking at the world with child-like wonder.  Perhaps truly getting intune with who we are and living authentically and truly as ourself